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Official representative

AgroClimat Ukraine was founded in 2008. To date, dozens of projects for equipping livestock complexes with modern and high-quality equipment have been implemented.

We are the official representative of a number of Danish companies - producers of high-tech, energy-saving equipment for pig and poultry complexes in Ukraine, as well as cooling systems for cattle.

The main directions of the company's activity are: provision of complex solutions and projects for the construction and reconstruction of pig farms, poultry farms and cows; supply of equipment and its commissioning; service equipment maintenance; training and advanced training of specialists servicing equipment at customer's households.

We offer

  • Modern, energy saving and reliable equipment for livestock complexes:
  • Systems of ventilation, heating and cooling of the company "Skov A / S" (Denmark);
  • Systems of maintenance, feeding and slotted floors produced by AP Company (Denmark);
  • Daltec feed distribution systems;
  • Highly effective systems for manure removal by Samson-Agro;
  • Manure mixers for mixing and pumping manure from the lagoon;
  • Equipment for feeding, water supply, ventilation, heating, cooling for poultry farms manufactured by Chore-Time;
  • Slaughtering and processing equipment;
  • Development of cooling systems in cows with unscrewed and tied up types of content;
  • PVC panels for the installation of walls and partitions produced by Profextru (The Netherlands).
  • Development and implementation of projects "turnkey";
  • Installation of equipment and its commissioning;
  • Permanent technical support and staff training.