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Feeder G™ PLUS by Chore-Time has the following features:

  • The "V" -like bottom shape, double board and ribs on the bottom of the plate provide the economy of the feed.
  • In a model with enlarged ribs, the cone of the feeder does not touch the bottom of the plate when the feeding position on the floor and the closed windows, which makes the feeder better filled, including feed with a large fraction.
  • The feeder is completely made of plastic with UV protection. The plate and cone of the feeders have increased durability.
  • Precision casting feeder parts are resistant to corrosion and are easy to clean.
  • Indexed feeders provide even feeds to feeders. The feed remains in the system.
  • The volume limiter in the feeder improves feed distribution.
  • Section pipes of 2.7 m or 3.6 m in length.
  • Fast food feed reduces stress in the livestock population.