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SKOV has developed the FarmOnline® management system, taking into account the specificity of large livestock complexes. FarmOnline® provides the farm manager with the opportunity to fully control and regulate the production process even in geographically dispersed complexes. With the help of FarmOnline® it is possible to regulate the microclimate in each cattle-breeding room, receive alerts from alarm systems and exchange strategies between different sites of the complex and consultants SKOV.

Thanks to FarmOnline®, the farm manager can extract a wide range of production indicators from control computers in specific livestock premises, and on the basis of these data, perform a detailed analysis of the production process and perform the intervention to optimize it.

FarmOnline® features:

  • Real-time monitoring of unlimited number of controllers in the field via the Internet;
  • A clear and understandable overview of the data - in graphical or tabular form;
  • Detailed log of alarm events, their chronology, and analysis;
  • FarmOnline® application for smartphones;
  • Data coming from several premises can be collected at the central point on the main estate to monitor the progress of the process with the targets or compare with other sites/farms;
  • Ability to change the settings on the computer.