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The microclimate system in a poultry house is one of the main factors influencing the productivity and physiological state of chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc. The correct, sufficient heating is a necessary condition for the survival of the offspring, as well as health, weight gain and non-fatness of the livestock. And AgroClimat Ukraine, based on modern technological advances and experience of leading world farms, large-scale production, offers the supply, design and installation of heating systems in poultry.

Which solutions for the supply of poultry is implemented by the company

Through the design of the heat supply of the bird, AgroClimat Ukraine uses the most up-to-date solutions:

  • heating systems in the integration with ventilation, which helps to create optimal conditions of the microclimate and solves the issue of air space premises in total;
  • truncated, manufactured Spiraflex pipelines made from boiler steel - thanks to their design, compact, durable and have a high heat transfer;
  • direct-burning gas generators with built-in fans, which provide the circulation of warmed air. Heat is released directly to
    while burning gas, which eliminates heat loss and increases energy efficiency. Gas generators can be used as an addition to water or even their complete replacement;

The CUBO heat generator is a great option for heating a poultry factory. He collects the warm air at the top of the room and redistributes it down at a level slightly higher than the birds. Also, with the help of the CUBO heat generator, the temperature and ventilation in the room can be controlled, thanks to the functions of additional heating and mixing / moving air masses.
In this case, the heating systems are equipped with microclimate controllers, which allow to control the temperature in manual or automatic mode, taking into account the age and life indicators of birds. The use of modern digital panels facilitates the maintenance of equipment.

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What distinguishes AgroClimat Ukraine?

"AgroClimat Ukraine" has a number of distinct advantages:

  • a comprehensive and complete approach to the heat supply of premises of a poultry farm. That is, at the design stage, constructive and calculable systems of ventilation, cooling, humidification, regulation and control of the microclimate as a whole are taken into account. And first of all, when performing all the work on the creation of heating systems, the company is guided by the optimal conditions for bird breeding;
  • Complex work (or "turnkey"), which includes the project of heating and heating system for the poultry, supply of equipment and all necessary materials and parts, installation, commissioning and warranty service;
  • Use of high-tech, efficient and energy-saving equipment of famous brands SKOV, Denmark, and Chore-Time, USA, which are world leaders in their niche. This guarantees the quality and durability of thermal installations and their components;
  • reasonable pricing policy, conditioned by direct work with equipment manufacturers, that is, bypassing various intermediaries;
  • qualified specialists and experience in the development of ventilation and heating systems on farms, as evidenced by dozens of implemented projects throughout the country;
  • training and counseling of personnel serving the heating system in poultry farms and other businesses, as well as constant technical support;
  • Designing and installation of heating systems for poultry in all regions of Ukraine.