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For more than forty years, due to the SKOV systems and units on the farms, the necessary microclimate conditions have been created. This is what ensures high production performance, as well as good health of the bird.

The ventilation system of poultry farms regulates the parameters of the microclimate, which lead to further results. When the humidity level increases, the bird perceives this as a temperature increase, regardless of whether it changes or not. At a low level of humidity, a drop in temperature is felt for the bird, without any changes. It is the ventilation of the poultry farms that maintains the optimum level of humidity and temperature, which determines the necessary conditions for maintaining the level of production. An effective solution that provides such a thing as ventilation for poultry farms is the Skov LPV system. This ventilation is notable for low energy consumption.

It includes:

  • Devices of air supply - wall or ceiling valves, through which fresh air enters the room;
  • Devices of air extraction (exhaust shafts and wall fans), which provide the outflow of "raw" and heavy air;
  • Regulation of climate (microclimate);
  • The electric motor of a drive and заслонок, and also the assembly complete set.

Ventilation for poultry farms can be equipped with a signaling system and an emergency opening system. Additionally, a heating system and software can be installed, as well as a high-pressure cooling system with finely divided water.