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Ukraine since ancient times is famous not only for the fertility of lands, but for the soft climate. All this gives it a global advantage in relation to countries competitors. And the residents did not fail to use it for good. Agriculture and animal husbandry are put on a large scale on a large scale.

Technologies are being improved throughout the country even in small subsidiary farms. Today, all residents of Ukraine engaged in agriculture, actively using novelties of the present, stepping over the concept - harder work, more reliable result. And if we talk about livestock and poultry farming, we are talking about all sorts of equipment that optimizes their labor reserves.

And we are ready to help in this. Buying from us - you can be assured of the quality and reliability of equipment, speed of delivery and loyalty of pricing policy. We supply feeders for turkeys in Ukraine throughout the territory.

Than attractivness of turkeys for a poultry farmer.

The turkey is one of the largest birds, one of the advantages of which is speedy weight gain and omnivorousness. The weight of an adult turkey varies from 13 to 16 kg, the weight of a turkey is slightly lower from 7 to 9 kg. But to achieve such results, the bird's diet should be balanced and diverse. In systems of turkey feeding, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins must necessarily be included.

Optimization of the process of poultry feeding.

In small subsidiary farms, the use of standard feeders that are manually filled with food is allowed. But in farms it is more practical to use automatic feeding systems for turkey. This option significantly saves time. We offer several options for the Chore-Time range of feeders of your choice:

LIBERTY®. The open grill trough opens a complete overview of the turkey feed, reducing the spillage of the feed.
The ATF ™ PLUS feeder is durability, corrosion resistance and comfort for poultry.
The Adult Turkey Feeder is designed to feed adult birds.
Feeder for turkeys H2 ™ PLUS easily and quickly filled with food and has no grating.
Product features.

Of the main features of the proposed feeders, one can note their strength and resistance to external influences (corrosion, wear, etc.), as well as ease of care. Free bird access to the stern and a good view contribute to saving the feed by reducing its spillage.

With a large number of livestock, automated lines for poultry feeding are an indispensable option for a poultry farmer. They allow to optimize the feeding process as much as possible. All that is necessary is to fill the common tank with food, and leave everything else to the automation, which will take care of its timely receipt in the feeding troughs. Additional convenience is that each feeder receives a certain amount of feed, excluding spilling past the reservoir.

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