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Chore-Time sockets with automatic belt collection of eggs have the following advantages:

Ease of handling and installation:

  • The covers of the nests are fixed on hinges and are movable, which prevents hatcheries from laying eggs.
  • Egg pans are also hinged and easily opened, which allows you to manually collect the egg in the event of a power outage.
  • Nests are easily mounted on plastic floors with a width of 3.7 m or more.
  • Nests have common partitions and a minimum number of metal parts, which ensures an easy and quick assembly.

Increased egg production:

  • Sockets with an open top and ventilation holes in the side panels provide the bird with comfortable conditions.
  • Double support legs of the nests make them more stable.
  • Nest sections are assembled singly, in double or triple combinations, which in combination with six sizes of transitions allows to regulate the number of heads per section

Table for automatic collection of eggs Chore-Time®

  • The speed of the belt is 13.7 meters per minute 110/240 Volts AC. current, 50/60 Hz.
  • The direct drive motor and electronic control ensure quiet operation without vibration.
  • The design of the table allows you to adjust the height of the working platform from 61 to 107 cm. The table has strong adjustable supports.
  • The automatic belt tensioning system maintains its stable stroke as it stretches.
  • Belt reversal function for maintenance.
  • The drive rollers have trays for collecting dirt. Trays are easily removed for cleaning.
  • Plastic panels of the working surface are easily removed for cleaning and access to the drive mechanism during maintenance.
  • The complete set includes all the necessary suspension parts.
  • The standard configuration includes two side shelves and one upper. Possibility of additional set of additional front shelf. Side and top shelves are supplied with bedding.
  • The waterproof housing of the drive mechanism is equipped with a start / stop switch and a belt speed switch.

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