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The main principle of the Daltech feeding system can be considered high operational reliability, as well as minimal maintenance costs. Absolutely all the costs of operating the plant are at the lowest level.

Control center

For each group of animals, the weighing of the amount of feed takes place individually and automatically. This process is carried out with the help of separate valves, which are connected to the bunkers. In addition to its functionality, the feed system is economical enough. Due to its ability to automatically change the composition of the feed with a smooth transition, a significant saving in feed is ensured, as well as the result of feeding animals. Thanks to the sensors that are connected to the valves, the feeding is regulated depending on the appetite of the animal. The feed center can simultaneously control 4 feed phases. Each of the phases can be either a constant mixture or controlled by a smooth transition. Due to the fact that it is possible to connect the control center to the computer, you can get acquainted with all the information and make your corrections from the office.

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Drive mechanism

The feed system works daily and is uninterrupted. The wheel that received the patent, stretches the wire through a friction. This ensures uniform tension. Moreover, it provides a minimum cost of maintenance and contributes to the extension of the service life. One of the main advantages of the system is the unique ability to install two or more feed lines in the case of a long feeding system. Due to this, the feed automatic machines evenly distribute the load between the stations.

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Stainless Steel Receivers

Their main function is to feed the feed with a screw, the filling of pipes is 60-70 percent.

Long service life

One of the newest patents of Deltek firm is considered a unique fibrous wire. It is capable of withstanding a bending load of 8 times that of steel wire. In addition, the fibrous wire is covered with an artificial material. This makes it possible to avoid the hanging of residues of additives or food on it. This shell is made of a material that is approved in the food industry.

More feed mixers on the same pipeline with phase feeding.

Thanks to the phase feeding, it is possible to optimally adapt the feed distributor to the age groups of the animals. The technique of phase feeding reduces feed costs and nutrient content in manure. The feed system automatically changes the content of feed mixes. Thanks to the Bio-Doser, additives are added directly to the pipeline. The distribution of food is carried out with the help of an electronic Multimix valve or with the help of a hatch. The system can be equipped with a notification system about the condition of the feeder. There is an alarm about the level of feed in the machines, thus, the animal's appetite guides the feeding process.